Welcome Back

Hello Pathway. After 16 months of Zoom & outdoor worship services, we are heading back indoors for our Sunday worship services!

Per the most recent CDC and state guidelines about gathering indoors, masks will be optional, no physical distancing required, and RSVPs for the worship service are no longer required.

However, after all that we've gone through, I know that this change may be somewhat disconcerting to many of us. So that's why I would encourage us all to give ourselves and others "grace and space" to get acclimated to the new normal.

So please feel free to wear a mask as long as you like, and please feel free to give yourself and your family some physical distance indoors. Please also feel free to continue to stay home and stream our live worship service until you feel comfortable joining us indoors - either in the Pathway Chapel or in our new building after our move.

If you do feel comfortable not wearing a mask and not being physically distanced indoors, please give "grace and space" to our brothers and sisters in Christ who aren't quite comfortable doing so just yet.

I'm confident that as we all get used to being back in society, workplaces and life without Covid restrictions, we'll also eventually feel comfortable worshiping indoors again as well.

Finally, please note that there will not be in person Sunday school until after our move to the new building. Plus there will be no Sunday school during the month of July - to give our teachers a much needed break. So please feel free to bring your children with you to our indoor worship service at 9:30am or 11am.

Please also feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you and see you all soon!

By His grace

P. Bob